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What is bio-inspired design?

We live in a society that places great trust in technology and science to solve our problems and fulfill our needs. However, science and technology alone cannot provide us with a society that nourishes rather than destroys its surroundings. We need to switch to a more circular society. To do so, we can either try to design a new system, or we can look at existing circular systems that have been experimenting and developing for 3.8 billion years.

Bio-inspired design is a collective name for design methodologies that take inspiration from nature. A method that has been practiced for a long time, for example, is bionics. This methodology takes inspiration directly from nature to design products. A great example is Stickybot from Stanford University. The researchers mimicked the feet of gecko’s to create a robot that could walk vertically on flat surfaces.




Another design methodology is biomimicry. During the biomimicry design process, nature is emulated as a whole by taking Life’s Principles into account. Life’s Principles, a term coined by Biomimicry 3.8, are principles that are seen in nature over and over again. These principles are so successful, that they even have been evolved separately from each other.