Bio-Inspired Essentials

Bio Inspired Innovation is a huge topic ranging from technological emulation strategies, like bionics, to hollistic design approaches like biomimicry. Due to its breadth, we use the master’s program to explore different versions of bio-inspiration and see how we can apply that to our world. However, if you are on a different academic path, it is also possible to learn the basics as part of our Bio-Inspired Essential course.

Bio-Inspired Essentials is a 2,5 credit course taking place in periods 3 or 4 of the academic year. It provides a highly condensed version of the philosophy of the first-year course as well as the practical design skills of the elective “Bio-Inspired Design Challenge”.  The approach of this course is providing the absolute basis of the bio-inspired world view in order to allow students to take the philosophy back with them into their own field of expertise. Therefore, the course is open to any student within the university with any academic background.

The course is a remote and asynchronous, so its ideal for people who are completing an internship or taking part in other courses. You can easily squeeze the modules into your current timetable with a small time commitment per week. To compensate for the anonymity online, we do promote peer-feedback moments. As a result, the more you contribute, the more you get out of the course.


If you are interested in signing up, you can find the course in the OSIRIS course catalogue under Bio Inspired Essentials (B-MBIES)